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What Services Do We Offer?

Private Drivers
Designed to meet your personalised transportation needs - from attending a business meeting to safely taking your kids to school. Our drivers are highly skilled, trained, and multilingual, ensuring utmost professionalism for a smooth journey.
Distinguished by our curated fleet of both executive cars and transportation vans, we own and maintain our vehicles to the highest standards. With professionally trained drivers, we ensure safe and reliable journeys.
Speedy and efficient transfer services for seamless transportation. Trust us to handle your transfers with professionalism and care, ensuring your journey is comfortable, timely, and hassle-free.
Reliable transportation services for shows, festivals, weddings and conferences. Our dedicated team ensures punctual transfers to and from the venue, providing a smooth journey for all participants. We also prioritise open and speedy communication to address any needs or changes promptly.

Our Sustainable Commitment

Sustainability is a fundamental pillar in Avenidas. As part of this commitment, we prioritise the use of 8-seater vans over 4-seat cars, recognising their potential to accommodate more passengers while minimising carbon emissions per capita.

Currently, 70% of our fleet consists of electric vehicles, and we are actively working towards further increasing this percentage.

KIA e-Niro
Peugeot Traveller Car
Mercedes Van
What Our Clients Say
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“They Are Extremely Flexible and Responsive, Always Meeting Our Last-Minute Requests With Efficiency.”
Since 2020, our experience with Avenidas Ride has been very positive.

Common Questions

What Cars are in Your Fleet?

From 5 to 9-seat vehicles and beyond, our diverse fleet includes renowned models such as the Mercedes Vito Long Tourer, Peugeot E Travel, Tesla Model 3, and KIA e-Niro. Through our exclusive collaborations with car rental providers, we provide an extensive array of options tailored to fulfil your distinct requirements.

What Are Your Rates for Private Transportation & Transfers?

- 1,16€/km (minimum €6) +€1 for pre-booked services
- XL 7 seats: €1,45/km (minimum €12€) +€1 for pre-booked services
- XL 9 seats: €1,73/km (minimum €16€) +€1 for pre-booked services
- €16 per hour for waiting time (billed in 15-minute intervals)

* Private School Transportation always by quotation; prices based on capacity.
** Arrival Transfers from the Airport to Lisbon: €27 (€5 for parking) for Tourism (includes waiting time inside the airport); starting from €21 for National Arrivals (with pickup at UBER pick up spot) >>> Special fees for partnerships.
*** Departure Transfers to the Airport: €16 for Tourism, minimum rate; €1.16/km + €1 (if scheduled) (minimum €12).
**** Discounts can be applied to recurring/multi-day requests or services.

Do You Have Any Electric Vehicles?

Certainly, we do have electric vehicles in our fleet. Currently, around 70% of our vehicles are electric, and we are dedicated to furthering our efforts towards achieving a fully sustainable fleet.

Can I Book You For 1 day?

Absolutely, we customise bookings for any duration, including 1 day.

Do You Have Special Rates for Monthly Hires?

Indeed, we offer special monthly hire rates. Get in touch to know more.

What is the Communication Like Between Avenidas and the Client?

At Avenidas, our communication is centred around understanding your particular needs. After carefully listening to your requirements, we provide solutions that are tailored to your unique preferences.

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