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June 21, 2023
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Avenidas, A Startup Known as The "Uber For Tours," is Investing 100,000€ in a Tourist Excursion Brand

Avenidas, a startup known as the "Uber for tours," is investing 100,000€ in a tourism brand.

The urban mobility company known for its fleet management and efficient courier services, has embarked on a new venture by establishing a unique travel agency in Portugal, aptly named "Swingo." Their ambitious projection indicates that their total revenue is expected to nearly double, reaching an impressive 7 million euros this year.

The founders of Avenidas, Manuel Salema Reis and Bento Viegas Louro, originally started their journey as Uber drivers. In 2016, they decided to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and, along with the addition of Bernardo Ribeiro da Cunha, transformed their vision into a thriving reality. Today, these three visionary leaders oversee a dynamic startup boasting a fleet of over 40 vehicles, 16 motorcycles, a dedicated team of 300 drivers and couriers, and a workforce of 25 professionals at their Lisbon headquarters.

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