January 9, 2024
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Avenidas Concludes 2023 With €5 Million in Business Turnover

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At Avenidas, a Portuguese company active in the fields of mobility, travel and tourism, distribution, and logistics, concludes the year 2023 with a notable business volume exceeding 5 million euros, representing a growth of 25% compared to 2022.

Manuel Reis, CEO & Co-Founder of Avenidas, highlights 2023 as a year of consolidation, showcasing the achievement of goals and the attainment of unprecedented financial levels. The Mobility sector established dozens of partnerships for B2B passenger transportation, including companies such as IBM and Luggage Storage, in addition to serving a large number of individual B2C customers.

In the Distribution and Logistics division, the company expanded its end-to-end food delivery service, collaborating with over 40 stores in Lisbon and Porto, along with 5 last-mile logistics partnerships. The Travel and Tourism division has more than 20 partnerships and conducted about 3500 experiences, while the Growth Operations-related service operates with Worldcoin in 15 locations from North to South of Portugal.

For 2024, Avenidas plans to invest between 1.5 million euros and 2 million euros, aiming for growth in the areas of mobility and deliveries, with the implementation of a fully electrified fleet to better meet the needs of customers. The company concludes the year with around 100 couriers, 35 distributors, 120 TVDE drivers, including 15 tour guides, and 60 promoters dedicated to the Growth area.

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