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March 22, 2024
Featured in Observador
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Best Places to Work? They exist, and you can now find out what they are!

Featured in Observador

In today’s fast-paced world, where work consumes a significant chunk of our daily lives, finding a workplace that feels like a second home has become more essential than ever. Values like camaraderie, trust, team spirit, and opportunities for personal growth are increasingly becoming crucial factors when assessing the quality of a workplace. And indeed, such workplaces do exist. More and more companies are stepping up their game, striving to meet their employees’ expectations by implementing policies and practices that benefit everyone involved.

On March 20th, at the illustrious Convento do Beato, Portugal, the stage was set to unveil the 50 companies deemed the Best Places to Work by Great Place To Work.Since the turn of the millennium, Great Place to Work has been recognising top-notch workplaces in Portugal, meticulously auditing the people management policies and practices of participating companies. The 2024 edition witnessed an unprecedented participation, with over 65,000 employees lending their voices – a testament to the survey’s robustness and reach. This year, 50 companies were honoured across five dimensions based on their workforce size, ranging from small-scale enterprises to corporate giants.

While sectors like Information Technology, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, and Insurance dominated the spotlight, a total of 15 diverse sectors were celebrated. This eclectic mix underscores the notion that regardless of industry, any company can aspire to be a beacon of workplace excellence. “This is a pivotal moment. Each one of you here represents a community of the 50 finest workplaces, as perceived by your employees,” remarked Mauricio Korbivcher, CEO & Country Manager of Great Place to Work Portugal, setting the tone for the evening’s festivities. Amidst a backdrop of jubilant faces and conviviality, his words resonated: “Whether you’re a debutante or a seasoned participant, you’re all champions in your own right, irrespective of your ranking. But the journey doesn’t end here. Sustaining excellence requires a continuous dialogue, a commitment to heeding the invaluable feedback your employees provide.”

In the year preceding the 25th anniversary of Great Place To Work, the 2024 edition brought with it some novelties and numbers that will not be forgotten. This was the year of the highest Confidence Index ever - 89%. A reflection of the work done by the companies so far and the impact it has on the daily lives of those who work there. "Trust is everything in our lives. And what we observe is that trust, when it is legitimate and genuine within companies, in horizontal relationships and in vertical relationships, is one of the main success factors of being a Great Place to Work. 89% of the average of the 50 best companies in Portugal rose 3 percentage points. It is a historic index," shared the CEO, not hiding his satisfaction with the results achieved.

As Great Place To Work approaches its 25th anniversary milestone, the 2024 edition marked several milestones and breakthroughs. Notably, it recorded the highest-ever Confidence Index – a staggering 89%. This unprecedented figure reflects the profound impact of companies’ concerted efforts on the lives of their employees. “Trust is the bedrock of our existence. Our observations underscore that genuine trust, fostered within organisations through both horizontal and vertical relationships, is a cornerstone of success in becoming a Great Place to Work. The 3-percentage-point surge to 89% in the average score of the top 50 companies in Portugal is truly historic,” enthused the CEO, his pride palpable.

With the stage set, it was time to bestow honours, with the assistance of radio personalities Rodrigo Gomes and Ana Colaço. However, this year brought a slight twist: the top three contenders in each category would only be revealed after a sumptuous dinner. Thus began the awards ceremony, kicking off with companies boasting up to 50 employees. The night unfolded with laughter, hugs, and the click of cameras capturing moments of triumph. It culminated in a jubilant celebration, as the proud faces of employees bore testimony to their belonging in some of Portugal’s finest workplaces – true luminaries in the nation’s business landscape.

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