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October 26, 2023
Case Study
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Crafting Operational Success: How Avenidas Shaped Worldcoin’s Portuguese Strategy

The Beginning of a Partnership

In early 2022, Worldcoin approached us with a proposal to serve as their operational arm in Portugal, a task whose final goal was to significantly boost user registrations. At that point in time, Worldcoin’s strategy was still in its embryonic stages, affording us the freedom to craft a comprehensive plan and implement it in the way we believed would be most effective. This marked the beginning of a strong partnership between Avenidas and Worldcoin, setting the stage for a journey full of challenges and achievements.

Charting New Territories

To tackle the challenges at hand, we took to exploring the market and its possibilities. We began by implementing a strategy that involved operating in public spaces, but this soon proved to bring more obstacles than advantages. Learning from this experience, we shifted our focus to private locations and set up the very first Worldcoin stand within a shopping centre. Our team worked closely with Worldcoin to design the stand, ensuring it met their high standards. Though the initial days of its operation didn’t yield the results we had hoped for, we swiftly adjusted our approach.

Our efficient adaptability and problem-solving skills led to a remarkable increase in the outcomes, reaching around 100 registrations per day - an accomplishment that garnered the admiration of the Worldcoin team.

Setting the Bar High

Within a mere three months, we went from operating a single stand to managing eight stands in shopping centres across Portugal, each showcasing impressive results. Worldcoin quickly recognised the effectiveness of placing stands within commercial premises, leading them to implement this strategy on a global scale.

Our commitment to constant improvement led us to further refine our strategies, in order to motivate our operators and, consequently, drive up registrations. Today, we have introduced more attractive financial incentives, a better recruitment process, and thorough training programs, all of which have set a high standard that could serve as a global model moving forward.While Worldcoin’s model typically features several partners in each market for the sake of risk management and fostering competition, Avenidas has now taken a distinguished role as Worldcoin’s exclusive operator in Portugal. This outcome is a direct result of our unwavering dedication and commitment to delivering an innovative service.

Forging the Future

Throughout this journey, our role has expanded beyond being an operational partner. We have become innovators and strategic consultants for the entire Worldcoin project. By leading the way for Worldcoin’s operations in Portugal, we’ve played an instrumental role in shaping the project and bringing it to the prominence it deserves.

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