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February 20, 2024
Featured in O Jornal Económico
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Over 60% of the trips made by the Portuguese startup Avenidas were in electric cars.

Featured in O Jornal Económico

The company reported on Monday that it covered 4,525 kilometers in trips in 2023, of which 2,855 were in electric vehicles, equivalent to eleven trips to the moon.

The Portuguese startup Avenidas, which operates cars for the ride-hailing, tourism, and logistics businesses, announced on Monday that it completed 680,000 services in 2023, and more than half (63%) of the trips were in electric vehicles. In total, 4,525 kilometres were covered on the roads last year, of which 2,855 were in more environmentally friendly vehicles, equivalent to eleven trips to the moon. The estimated savings were 376 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and 171,303.90 litres of fuel, equivalent to five thousand barrels.

"We are focused on shaping the future of urban mobility, and that begins with the electrification of our fleet. In terms of environmental sustainability, our goal is to make our business as environmentally friendly as possible, reducing our impact and contributing to a greener tomorrow," commented co-founder and CEO, Manuel Reis. Last year, Avenidas invested nearly two million euros in sustainable mobility in its three business areas (Ride, Send, and Tour), resulting in the electrification of 70% of its fleet. The company plans to make approximately the same investment this year, as reported to Jornal Económico.

"We believe that sustainability is not just an objective, but a responsibility. We want to leverage positive changes and contribute to an increasingly decarbonised sector," added Bernardo da Cunha, Chief Operating Officer (COO) & partner at Avenidas. The company's portfolio includes 70 passenger transport vehicles, ranging from five-seater cars to nine-seater vans, and nearly 40 commercial vans.

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