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March 22, 2023
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Portuguese Startup Called Avenidas has Launched Swingo

Portuguese startup called Avenidas has launched Swingo, a new brand that offers unique and personalised tours to every visitor through the Build Your Tour service

This new brand strengthens the company's presence in the tourism sector, in which it already operates, and "aims to offer a personalised and unique experience to those who want to get to know our country better." With the premise "Travel your way," the new brand asserts that it sets itself apart "from other tour offerings by allowing the visitor to decide what they want to visit, when they want to visit it, and how much they want to spend."

"We know that there is no standard visitor, and therefore, we believe there shouldn't be a standard experience. It was with this principle that we created Swingo, which offers a personalised and unique experience to those who visit Portugal, adapting to the needs and interests of each individual or group," says Manuel Reis, CEO of Avenidas.

With tour proposals outside of Lisbon, reaching every corner of the country (from Porto to Faro, passing through Coimbra, Azeitão, or Évora), at Swingo, each customer can define their own day. In practice, through the brand's website and the "Build Your Tour" option, visitors provide information about the number of people, the day, the time, the pick-up and drop-off points, then choose the location to visit and the attractions they want to see. In the end, they send their request to Swingo via the website, which takes care of the rest: drivers, transportation, and even entrance tickets to attractions, whenever applicable.

Another option offered by Swingo is to use "Shall we Swingo?," a service aimed at those who want to receive the best recommendations from Swingo. For this service, they only need to provide information such as the number of people, days, and other relevant details, such as their interests and those of the group.

"We believe that Swingo's added value is flexibility, which allows the customer to have control over their experience, not having the tour company dictate what they should see and when they should see it. With Swingo, we want the experience in Portugal to be not just memorable but unforgettable. And an unforgettable experience is one that offers exactly what the customer wants," emphasises Manuel Reis.

In addition to these more personalised services, Swingo also offers regular predefined tour services, transfers, private drivers, concierge services, and even goods collection and delivery to both visitors and business clients.

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